1. Winning the Mental Battle After You’ve Had Bed Bugs

    One of the most awful things about bed bugs is the way that they traumatize your thoughts for weeks or months, even after you’ve successfully gotten rid of them. If you’ve ever had bed bugs in the past, you can probably relate. You’ve fought them off, and you won! Your house is clean and no one has had any more bed bug bites. However, despite your logic telling you that the bed bug episode i…Read More

  2. Protect Yourself From Bed Bugs on Wooden Furniture

    If you’re a frugal shopper and just can’t resist checking out yard sales in the summer, you’ve probably come home with more than one fabulous piece of furniture, piece of art, or other incredible find for your home. However, with the prevalence of bed bugs on the rise, you can’t be too careful with the risk you’re taking of inadvertently bringing these unwanted critters into your home. A…Read More

  3. Protect Yourself from Bed Bugs on Yard Sale Furniture

    One of the best ways to get a cheap piece of furniture is to pick it up at a yard sale. Yard sales are an incredible source for getting an amazing deal at the fraction of the price of buying that same item new. Unfortunately, you may be saving yourself less than you think if the yard sale item has bed bugs in it and you don’t know it. Whenever you purchase a secondhand item, it pays to conduct a…Read More

  4. Not a Creature Was Stirring, Not Even a Mouse

    Your holiday guests have their plane reservations, or their road trip is all planned. Is your house ready? Advanced Pest Control knows that having a house that is presentable and that will pass inspection by even the most eagle-eyed mother-in-law is very important to you. We’ve got some tips for you to help ensure that everything goes smoothly for this holiday season when your whole clan is gath…Read More

  5. Invasion of the Rio Grande Valley

    Many residents of the Rio Grande Valley and Harlingen are bracing for an invasion. Not from space aliens, but from flying black insects that will rise up out of the ground and proceed to eat homes, businesses, and everything made from wood in the area. They fly around in swarms that end up all over everything, patios, homes, even in swimming pools. They don’t bite humans, but they can utterly de…Read More