Your holiday guests have their plane reservations, or their road trip is all planned. Is your house ready?

Advanced Pest Control knows that having a house that is presentable and that will pass inspection by even the most eagle-eyed mother-in-law is very important to you. We’ve got some tips for you to help ensure that everything goes smoothly for this holiday season when your whole clan is gathered together.

Get a Pest Control Inspection

If you’ve had any pest control issues in the past, call us out to your home to make sure you are not going to have unwelcome guests show up while the family is staying at your house. You know that if your mother-in-law comes out for a midnight snack and finds any furry critters or critters with more than two legs in your kitchen, you will never hear the end of it- ever. Avoid the drama and call Advanced pest control for an inspection. If we find any traces of pests such as mice, cockroaches, or fleas, we will create a customized action plan for you. After talking to you, we will take all necessary actions to get rid of your unwanted visitors. If you have people coming who will be staying in hotels along the way, be on the lookout for bed bugs, who love to travel for the holidays too!


Get Help Cleaning

An investment in a helper to get your home spic and span will alleviate a lot of stress for you. If you hire a single person, you can work alongside them and use them as a “clutter buddy”. Have them do the stuff you hate, but that’s easy, such as cleaning toilets and fans, while you do the stuff that only you can do, such as putting away clothes and sorting through toys and paperwork. If you don’t have time to get the house in ship-shape this way, you can always hire a maid service who will send a crew of cleaners and get your home super clean in record time. The pressure you’ll purposely put on yourself because they are coming can be the fire under you that you need to do the parts you have to do to get ready for them!

Expect the Unexpected

If you have children among the expected guests, assume one of them will get sick at some point. Get some ginger ale and other basics for any sick kid. If you have children of your own as well, check the stock of pediatric over-the-counter medicines for colds and stomach bugs. Having what you need on hand can save you a frantic trip to the drug store and can save the day by aiding the ailing child.  

The Little Touches Can Make a Big Difference

If you can think of things you family loves or hates, and make easy adjustments, go ahead and do them. For instance, if you know your sister loves classical holiday music, pre-program a channel into your music platform. Being able to switch it on to divert family drama might make a hero out of you!

Call Advanced Pest Control for a pre-holiday guest inspection of your home.