Residential Pest Control

When you are looking for a green alternative to the same old conventional pest control, turn to Advanced Pest Control. We offer an eco-friendly pest control service that is different from all the others. The method we use is an environmentally responsible process called Integrated Pest Management, and it is done without soaking everything in toxic chemicals that can damage your family’s long term health, as well as having far-reaching consequences for the environment. Don’t settle for those tired old pest control methods that put your health at risk; instead, choose Advanced Pest Control and get effective, environmentally responsible pest control.

Why Choose Advanced Pest Control

Our method of pest control is focused on prevention. We use a method called Integrated Pest Management, which uses toxic chemicals only as a last resort, when no other option is available. Experience has shown us that this method works much better than a spray service and can keep your home pest free. We guarantee our work. If, after our services are completed, the pests return, so will we. We will repeat or step up treatment at no additional cost. That is how sure we are that this method works!

We look at the whole structure to come up with a plan, and then perform our services.

Whether you are a homeowner, or a landlord you know that pests are part of life when humans are present. Just as integrated medicine treats the entirety of your body, we treat  residential pest problems systemically. We never just treat the symptoms of a pest population, but solve the underlying problems that made the home or business hospitable to them in the first place. Treating the symptoms is a sure way to get them to return when the chemicals have worn off. We take a different approach, and it’s a green approach that works.