For business in the food-service industry, the presence of any pest, at any level, is unacceptable, and in no other setting is effective pest control more essential. Not only can you lose customers if a pest shows up at the wrong time, but, if the problem is not corrected quickly, it can lead to fines or even the shuttering of your business. Advanced Pest Control takes pests in food-service businesses and restaurants seriously. We use integrated pest management to stop the infestation at its root.

The Complex Problem with a Simple IPM Solution

The problem that restaurants and food-service businesses face is that most pests like the same foods we do, therefore, a restaurant or food-service facility will always experience high pest pressure at all times. Pests rely on water, food, and shelter for their existence and removing these factors is more difficult, but not impossible, in a restaurant. Advanced Pest Control uses a highly effective method called Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Integrated Pest Management for Restaurants

IPM meets the challenges a restaurant faces head on and works to get pests out and, more importantly, keep them out. Integrated Pest Management is a prevention-based method of pest control that works very well for restaurants. Denying pests access and eliminating any chance to gain a foothold are the best ways to treat for pests. This eradicates the problem of pests without introducing another problem, toxic chemicals. Using pesticides as the only method to control pests is futile. You must address the underlying issues, and this is exactly what integrated pest management does. IPM is so effective that toxic pesticides are seldom needed.

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