Not Just Your Dog’s Problem
Fleas are so common that many people don’t give them much thought. A small collar on their dog or cat and they feel safe.
This might work sometimes, but often people’s homes will have a full flea infestation. More than simply an annoyance for your animals, fleas can spread some very terrible diseases.
According to researchers around the world, diseases transmitted by fleas are on the rise. Illnesses like flea-borne spotted fever, typhus, and bartonella, a disease that causes infections and pain, are all associated with flea bites.
Here are few more facts about fleas that are interesting:

  • There are hundreds of types of fleas; most of them are similar, but a few very difficult to kill.
  • Fleas can be brought into a home by humans as well as pets.
  • Animals with their own bed are more likely to have fleas; fleas love to have a single location to live in.
  • A flea collar or a monthly dose on the neck are not enough protection for your animals or your family.
  • Fleas can live and hide almost anywhere in the home.
  • Killing fleas completely requires a professional to make sure that every last insect is killed.
  • Flea eggs hatch on the ground, in carpets, in rugs and even in cracks in the floor.
  • Any extermination plan must include all stages of the fleas’ life cycle.

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