A Not-So-Hot Problem to Have
Welcome to the South where we have a special ant that has a poisonous bite.
Most ants are annoying, but harmless. Then there are fire ants. Around Harlingen and the Rio Grande Valley, we have some large colonies that can cause an amazing amount of pain if you step on their mound or interrupt their food paths.
Some customers have had so many fire ants in their yard that they had to give up going outside and spent all their time fighting off the ants inside the house.
Here are some interesting facts about fire ants:

  • Fire ants are found throughout the Southern US and up both coasts.
  • Their bite is not lethal unless you are allergic, usually.
  • A single colony can have over 250,000 workers.
  • Some mounds are 2 feet wide and 1 ½ feet tall.
  • When fire ants attack, they can kill small pets and even children.
  • Containing ants requires planning ahead and consistent maintenance.
  • If you already have colonies, you should contact us immediately.

Advanced Pest Control has been handling these incredibly vicious bugs for decades. Our team is trained to eliminate these ants to prevent any problems.
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