Rodent Roommates that You Never Bargained For
Rats, mice, and other types of critters love to enter our homes. Why wouldn’t they? We have the food, the warmth, and the shelter that they need to be happy.
Some folks keep rats and mice as pets, but the ones that come in uninvited from the outside are a dangerous problem. Their feces can spread disease. They can bite pets and children, causing painful wounds and spreading illnesses.
Understanding rodents can help to eliminate them. They are intelligent creatures that adapt very quickly to changes, so it’s important to let a professional handle it. It needs to be done well and maintained properly.

  • Rats and mice live everywhere there are humans.
  • Some rodents can breed only a few weeks after being born and can give birth to litters every couple of weeks.
  • Rodents carry dozens of diseases that humans and house pets are susceptible to.
  • Mice and rats cost businesses billions in lost products and fines every year.
  • Rodent feces can contaminate every surface and to disinfect them can be very difficult.
  • With strong, sharp teeth, mice and rats can gnaw through walls, plastic bins, and almost everything else.
  • Once they have entered your home, they can hide almost anywhere: in the floors, the walls, the attic, even in dark corners of closets and in storage boxes.
  • Advanced Pest Control’s trained and experienced staff understands the habits of rodent.
  • We use our knowledge to find them, cut them off from food, and eliminate them before they can breed.
  • We can provide you with a maintenance plan and schedule that will keep these animals from returning to your home or business.

If you have spotted one mouse, you can almost be sure that there are 20 more in the walls or floors of your home. Don’t try this alone. Give Advanced Pest Control a call and let us help you to stop these critters in their tracks. (956)-536-5828