Sleeping with the Enemy

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs in the Rio Grande Valley
Few things are as difficult to see as tiny blood stains on the sheets in the morning. It is even worse when they are your children’s beds or near to your spouse.
Bed bugs have been on the rise around the country and in Texas. Here in Harlingen, we have seen our fair share of them.
Unlike roaches, ants, and other common pests, simply cleaning the house will not eliminate the bed bug infestation. Bed bugs are interested in the blood of the humans and animals in the home.
Some important facts:

  • Bed bugs aren’t found only in beds, but in carpets, furniture, even the molding along the wall.
  • Bed bugs can live over a year without eating. Simply leaving for a few days won’t work.
  • Bed bugs can arrive in your home in the backpacks of children, the hem of a pair of slacks, or suitcase coming home from a business trip.
  • You don’t need to throw out everything to get rid of bed bugs. In fact, you might be spreading them ever more.
  • Advanced Pest Control can eliminate bed bugs safely, effectively, and for very little cost.
  • Most bed bug infestation cannot be handled by a homeowner; a professional is the only one who can make the infestation disappear.

Don’t suffer the pain and humiliation of bed bugs another day.
Call Advanced Pest Control at (956)-536-5828 and take back your home.