We offer Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which is a pest management method that is being encouraged by the EPA, consumer groups, health groups, and parents worried that their children are being exposed to pesticides. And really, controlling a pests’ access to a property, and eliminating a habitat for them are the only ways to ensure complete and lasting control of pests.

Our services can be called on for residential, commercial, and food service pest issues.

Integrated Pest Management

Advanced Pest Control is your contact for IPM in the Rio Grande Valley.  We serve all of the Cameron and Hidalgo County areas, including Harlingen, South Padre Island, McAllen, and Brownsville.

The goal of IPM is prevention. To effectively and more ecologically eliminate pest problems.  Pesticide is used as a last resort only. The actions performed are custom-designed to fit the unique set of circumstances.

Instead of one action, namely killing everything, IPM is a series of sensible, common sense, but expertly performed tasks. We analyze the situation, design a personalized plan, and carry it out. There are circumstances when aspects of the plan have to be visited and repeated or corrective actions need to be carried out.

We are deliberate about the services we perform. Our goal is a pest-free home or business, and we choose to perform our services this way, not only because of our responsibility to your health and the environment, but also because they simply work better. If is very effective! By taking the time to thoroughly inspect the property and fix pest problems at their source, we rarely have to return for a re-service. If that does happen, we will gladly come back by to fix the problem at no extra cost.