Vicious Little Biters that you need to Eliminate
Ticks are responsible for several diseases that you really don’t want: Lyme disease, Heartland virus, STARI, and Ehrlichosis. While many of these diseases don’t get the same media coverage that Lyme disease has gotten, each is unpleasant and several can be deadly.
Eliminating ticks is a difficult business that requires experience and know-how. In the Rio Grande Valley and Harlingen no one has more experience at eliminating ticks than Advanced Pest Control.

  • Over the past several decades, new illnesses have been identified and connected with tick bites.
  • Many tick bites go undetected until after a disease has begun to manifest itself.
  • Because ticks feed on the blood of mammals, they are able to infect the host, even from a small, quick bite.
  • Ticks can hide in grass, tree barks, and cracks in pavement waiting for a host to walk by.
  • Even a simple activity like gardening or playing football can lead to illnesses.
  • The very young, the very old, and those with compromised immune systems are particularly susceptible to getting sick.
  • Advanced Pest Control can identify the areas of your yard and surrounding that likely harbor ticks.

We don’t mean to sound scary, but some folks still view ticks as just an annoyance. They are very good at carrying disease and we want everyone to be safe.
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