If you’re looking for an environmentally responsible approach to controlling your pests, then Advanced Pest Control is your best choice. If you’re tired of having someone come by every few months and spray everything down with toxic chemicals then you are definitely ready for us. We offer a set of truly green pest control services that are frankly, and unfortunately, hard to come by in our area. Simply put, we will get rid of your pests without exposing you or the environment to toxic chemicals. We utilize a set of guidelines and protocols called integrated pest management. To learn more about this system continue reading below. Basically, if you are concerned with your family’s health and the health of the planet, then Advanced Pest Control’s integrated pest management approach is the right choice for you! Our eco-friendly pest control services are available from Mission to South Padre Island and everywhere in between.


Benefits of Integrated Pest Management

Before telling you what IPM is, it is valuable to tell you what the benefits are.  Instead of bathing your home or business with toxic chemicals, many of which are known carcinogens, we use common sense, our knowledge of pest biology, and a well-designed set of actions to get pests out and to keep them out.  Pesticides treat the symptom, and once their toxicity has faded, the pests will return and you’ll have to spray again.  This is unhealthy, bad for business, especially for restaurants, and completely unnecessary.
Using IPM eliminates the need for frequent reapplication of pesticides. We attack the problem at the root and stop re-infestations.
Another thing to note is that pesticides often make their way into our water system, where their endocrine-disrupting ingredients can have extremely detrimental effects to the environment and your health.

How Integrated Pest Management Is Done

Integrated Pest Management tackles pest problems at their roots. The methods used in Integrated Pest Management, or IPM as it is sometimes called, uses common sense and natural solutions to pest problems with great effectiveness. There are set steps to apply this pest control system.

  1. Inspection
    The first thing we’ll do is to thoroughly inspect the property. We will look for factors that bring pests into your building or home, as well as factors that keep them there.
  2. Pin Point Problem
    We will look for specific pests and the environmental factors that contribute the their infestation.
  3. Create a Plan
    We will create a customized plan to deal specifically with your pests and your building or home.
  4. Execute Plan
    We will carry out our detailed plan. This plan can include sealing up entry points, eliminating habitat elements, and the use of traps to remove the current pest population.
  5. Monitor
    Periodic monitoring is the last step in the Integrated Pest Management system. We will come back and make sure there are no new or persisting problems. We will make any changes to the plan and execution that need to be made to make sure that your home, business, or restaurant is pest-free and stays pest-free.