When you are running a business, pests can pose a huge problem. They can ruin your stock, turn away your customers, and endanger your employees. They simply can not be tolerated.
Pests in your business can cost you money, customers, and your reputation. Advanced Pest Control uses a prevention-based method to control pest infestations.

There is a Better Way!

Many people’s first reaction to any pest problem is to call in the heavy guns: the toxic chemicals that are found in pesticides. While these chemicals may rid your property of pests in the short-term, it is just that, a short-term solution. This solution also introduces chemicals into your business, many of which are well-known carcinogens and irritants. Because simply spraying these pesticides doesn’t deal with the underlying causes of the infestation, the likelihood that the pests will return is high. Retreating and retreating with toxic chemicals is bad for your health, and the health of the planet. But we know there is a better way to deal with pests! Advanced Pest Control uses a comprehensive method of pest control called Integrated Pest Management. It is a highly effective method, and we back it up with our guarantee.

A Complex Problem with a Simple Solution

Businesses have an added layer of complexity when it comes to pests. Because most businesses have foot traffic, as well as regular deliveries, the chances of pests being introduced is multiplied. Integrated Pest Management takes these factors into account and answers the threat proactively. We are not going to wait until you have pests to act. We make sure they have no water, food, or a place to call home when they arrive. We trap the ones that arrive, and we put the appropriate barriers in place to make sure no more can enter.

Customized Plan

Because every business and every building has its own vulnerabilities, we always begin by evaluating the premises and developing a customized plan that addresses the specific problems of your business. We will look at entry points, elements that create a habitat for the pests, as well as ways to eradicate the pests that are currently causing the problem in the building. Integrated Pest Management is a prevention-based pest control method that takes into account all of the elements that are in play in a pest infestation.

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