Few insects in the world inspire as much horror as cockroaches. These speedy and sneaky bugs are the very embodiment of gross.
Cockroaches are very hardy. They can survive heat, cold, and just about everything else.
The one thing they can’t survive is the professional extermination skills of Advanced Pest Control. We have been helping home and business owners in Harlingen and the Rio Grande Valley eliminate these ugly little bugs quickly and safely.

  • For every cockroach you see, there are possibly hundreds hidden somewhere nearby.
  • Many over-the-counter roach killers are lethal not just to roaches, but to pets, children, and customers.
  • Even the pest passive, non-toxic roach traps are useless if you don’t know precisely where to put them.
  • In businesses, roaches aren’t just a one-time elimination, especially in restaurants; it requires monthly inspection and maintenance.
  • Cockroaches are not only attracted to messy situations, but any place there is food, including pet food bowls, compost piles, and under appliances.
  • Roaches carry many diseases, as well as feces and waste on their feet and bodies.

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