IMG_20151022_092627Many residents of the Rio Grande Valley and Harlingen are bracing for an invasion. Not from space aliens, but from flying black insects that will rise up out of the ground and proceed to eat homes, businesses, and everything made from wood in the area. They fly around in swarms that end up all over everything, patios, homes, even in swimming pools. They don’t bite humans, but they can utterly destroy a home, outbuildings, or a business.

Don’t panic. There is a way to protect yourself. Give us a call at Advanced Pest Control and we can stop these invaders in their underground colonies.

What are these terrible invaders called? Termites. That’s right. There are colonies of termites right under your feet waiting for just the right circumstances to rise up and set off to make new colonies.

The worker termites are the bugs that do all of the damage. As they grow, they eat wood and destroy homes and buildings.

The way that Advanced Pest Control helps is simple. We come out, look for the nests that are under the ground near your house or business, and then we destroy them.

It can take 2 to 6 hours and dozens of gallons of chemicals to properly treat an infestation. We are able to completely eradicate the colony underground. That means 100% control, 100% of the time.

In the next few weeks here in the Rio Grande Valley and Harlingen the temperature, humidity, and moisture will be just perfect for them to burst out of the ground fly around looking for mates and places to nest.

Our entire area, over 60 miles from end to end, will all see swarms at virtually the same time.

Beat the invasion! Call us today and let us come and see how we can keep your home and sanity safe for you.

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