termites swarmThis is not a movie
It sounds like a bad B-movie or a late night sensational TV show, “When Termites Swarm.” Unfortunately, it’s not a movie; sometime in the next few months, it will be a reality all over our area.
At this time of year, termites send out the ‘alates,’ winged insects that start flying around looking for a new place to build a colony. Most people call them swarmers.
Swarmers are the explorers of the termite world. They leave the underground colonies of the termites and fly out to look for a new home to start a new colony.
It all starts with one insect. It has a dark body, dark brown to black, and large, translucent wings. The first insect will land on your window sill or your patio table. Soon there are dozens. In short order, there are hundreds of them.
They are looking for a mate and then they are going to destroy your building. They are termite swarmers and the only really good way to deal with them is to catch them while they are still in the ground.
Often mistaken for flying ants, they look different and can be much more troublesome. Ants have clearly segmented bodies, whereas the termites don’t. We tell people that they look like little flying sausages with heads.
It takes two and a half to three years for a termite colony to get old enough to send out swarmers. Once they do, these small, but dangerous flying insects will land and look for a mate. If they get lucky enough to find a mate, they will burrow together and create a new termite colony.
termites in cabinetThose termite colonies, near your home, garage, or any other wooden structure, can end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars.
Don’t wait!
The only way to avoid this scenario is contact an exterminator today. They can come out to your home or place of business and help to keep the swarmers from attacking everything you own.
This is done with a thorough and proper application of pesticides and a great deal of work. The average visit can take 3 to 6 hours to complete.
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